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The Great Psychologists by Robert Irving Watson
ISBN: 0397472390
ISBN13: 978-0397472390
Author: Robert Irving Watson
Book title: The Great Psychologists
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Publisher: Lippincott (January 1971)
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Category: Psychology

Book by Watson, Robert Irving

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The Great Psychologist: From Aristotle to Freud. This is a well written and informative book. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the subject of psychology. It's worth the money.
(This review refers to the second edition.) The Great Psychologists is just what the title makes it out to be. The book is an account of the evolution of psychology by examining eminent figures in the times leading up to the development psychology and the men who later devoted themselves to scientific work in the subject. Each chapter examines an individual, a well explained overview of his thinkings, and the cultural and historical contexts in which he worked. The biographies of each person are detailed and seem to be included more for history than science. One gets a definite sense of how psychology came to be. A good background in the subject would be of benefit. This edition is copyrighted in the late 1960s and thus does not go beyond this point in time. It is an old graduate level textbook from when my father was receiving his doctorate. The last chapter very much dates the book. The wording at times can be verbose, and the book itself is very long. The last two chapters seem to lose the reader's interest as the last one especially is a long list of names and fields of study. More current editions of this book would probably be of much more value.
The biographies in this work were useful and informative.
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