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The Body on the Beach: A Fethering Mystery by Simon Brett
ISBN: 1585471615
ISBN13: 978-1585471614
Author: Simon Brett
Book title: The Body on the Beach: A Fethering Mystery
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Publisher: Center Point Pub (February 1, 2002)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1602 kb
Size ePub version: 1927 kb
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Category: Mystery

Book by Brett, Simon

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Brett's story telling is phenomenal. He creates lively characters and head -scratching mysteries that kept me turning the pages well into the night. If you like cozy mysteries with quirky women, this is the book for you.
Loved the twists and turns of plot. Brett feeds his readers the clues steadily but never too many so that the suspense builds. Lovely characters too-- most entertainingly drawn from small town Fethering or any small English town from those I have read about in the English mystery genre.
I really liked this. it's got fun characterization. Got a nice heaping of Anglo-speak. Good, if very contrived, plot twists. If you are looking for a silly, but not slapstick English mystery - this is a very fun choice.
THE BODY ON THE BEACH by Simon Brett introduces readers to an odd couple of amateur sleths who will puzzle you, while providing several hours of pure entertainment.
Jude (free spirit) and Carole (establishment uptight) don't have a thing in common except living next door to each other. They manage to forge ahead and solve the crime in spite of their difference in this first of the Fethering Mysteries.
A fun, fun read with slick prose for an expert.
Nash Black, author of QUALIFYING LAPS.
This is the first Simon Brett book that I have read. Was happy it was available on Kindle so I was able to read the first book in the Fethering mystery series. Carole Seddon who has recently retired from the Home Office is looking forward to a nice quiet retirement in the costal village of Fethering, England. Two events occur that change her wishes.

A new neighbor moves in next door named just Jude. Jude is the opposite of Carole and is unconventional. The other event is when Carole takes her dog on a morning walk on the the beach. She discovers a body on the beach. She calls the police (after washing her dog) and they investigate. However, no body can be located. Carole and Jude team up to solve the mystery.

One of my favorite parts is when Jude talks Carole into going into a pub. Carole keeps telling herself that she is not a pub person. After more visits to the village pub, she is on a first name basis with the pub owner. She still is saying that she is not the sort to visit a pub. She does seem to like her white wine.

The best part of "The Body On The Beach' for me is the relationship and adventures of unlikely friends who go sleuthing. The atmosphere of the costal village of Fethering added greatly to the book too. Have downloaded the next book in the series "Death On The Downs".
English is hard for me to follow however it was really good and quite humorous in places. Will read the next one in the series.
Knights from Bernin
Simon Brett never disappoints me. His plots are always well thought out and his characters true to their personalities. I have read many of the Fethering books and have just now read "The Body on the Beach, the first of the series. I can hardly wait to fill in with the two or three I've missed.
Mystery favorites are a very personal matter, but for anyone who enjoys Christie, Marsh, Wolf, etc. Brett is one to add to your liist. His protagonist isn't exactly a hero--he's an actor but not a STAR. However, he's great at following up clues--a funny and interesting character. i've enjoyed every Simon Brett book about Charles Paris.
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