InSight by Polly Iyer
ISBN: 1468141740
ISBN13: 978-1468141740
Author: Polly Iyer
Book title: InSight
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Pages: 374 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 30, 2012)
Language: English
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Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Psychologist Abigael Gallant fought her way back from her ex-husband’s brutal attack that killed their daughter and left her blind. Now she “reads” audio books, runs with a guide at a local track, and has a thriving practice that specializes in treating the newly disabled. The last thing she needs is another man in her life. Enter Detective Luke McCallister, a cop forced into counseling a year after a gun blast during a meth lab take-down robbed him of his hearing. Luke is fighting hard to stay on the force, but computer work and fingerprint analysis are not what he has in mind. Initially reluctant to Abby’s therapy, Luke’s barriers tumble because Abby sees deeper into him than anyone ever cared to. Though Luke’s lip reading is excellent, he refuses to “listen” to Abby’s warning that his romantic overture jeopardizes her professional ethics. But when break-ins and threatening computer messages escalate into a physical attack on Abby and her guide dog, Luke walks a fine line between cop, protector, and lover. Unable to deny their physical attraction, Abby and Luke tiptoe around their personal baggage and enter into a delicate relationship. Then Abby is kidnapped. While Luke puts his life at risk to find her, Abby discovers the ghosts of her past are back to haunt her, and the man she once loved was as much of a victim as she.

Books reviews
Intriguing romantic suspense with appealing characters and many plot twists along the way, Polly Iyer's INSIGHT is a gripping page-turner. I especially enjoyed the first half of the story, where the focus is on the relationship of two people who struggle with tragedies and injuries (she's been blinded, he's been deafened) that have shattered the lives they once led. Both have suffered profound despair and, with varying success, have tried to soldier on. Both the characters and their situations touched my heart and immediately grabbed my interest.

Despite deaf cop Luke's cynical comment that he and blind psychologist Abby "together make one Helen Keller," they actually find their lives greatly enriched by each other's company. Unfortunately, their lives are soon in very mortal danger from an evil that, for some time, remains a perplexing – and lethal – mystery.

Most of the characters are deftly drawn and seem fully-fleshed. I particularly liked the way in which Ms. Iyer gradually brings the reader to understand and change attitude toward one desperately troubled character, even though he has committed a terrible crime. I also thought the descriptions of Abby's needs and adjustments to blindness were compelling. I was disappointed, though, that besides receiving pats and hugs and being at the vet's for a time, guide dog Daisy didn't have much to do. However, less Daisy did allow Luke to assist Abby more than she would otherwise have allowed.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this story and recommend to all those who like well-written romantic suspense.
The best writers carry us along to a point where we are outside our comfort zone. As an inverate "cozy" reader, I took a chance on this sometimes violent thriller and have no regrets. Polly Iyer provides characters, plot and just plain good writing to carry along the reader to a satisfying conclusion. Good triumphing over evil is why I read mysteries and why you should read InSight.
I liked it, at least mostly, and more than that I'd not only recommend it, but at some point I'll read it a second time. That's considering I don't let - and don't misconstrue this as declaring that this book has these "flaws", most of which are subjective at best - character development, cohesiveness, offensive words, dialogue, decision-making skills, grammar and punctuation - or the lack thereof in any way affect my enjoyment of a story. Are there flaws? Most certainly, a least if you're inclined to - at the very least, notice such things, and at the most, be put off by any or all them to the point where you abandon a good tale.
I liked the main characters and the supporting ones, really liked the plot, and wasn't put off by anything I read. If there was anything I could do without, it was the two graphic sex episodes which seemed unnecessary as they really didn't add anything to the story but they were easily skipped over. I'm not that much of a voyeur, and prefer my foreplay firsthand, thank you. Just letting the screen go dark would have been more than sufficient; I can figure out the rest for myself.
One thing I found interesting from the reviews was the ones that complained about the excessive swearing, because - unless I've become so jaded that I don't even notice those words any more - up until I'd read 74% of the book, I never came across a single obscenity. Beyond that point in the book there's quite a spate of it, but I didn't find it inappropriate for either the character or the situation, and after all: They're just words. You won't turn to stone if you read them.
For those who are keeping score, here are the standings on all the components I've noted most reviewers object to: (1) Zero paranormal/supernatural/magic components; (2) Infrequent swearing; (3) No gooey romance; (4) Two instances of explicit sex; (5) No explicitly bloody or protracted violence; (6) Mild bodily injury but pretty clean; (7) No child abuse; (8) One quick instance of animal abuse (not graphic and survivable); (9) No religious/alternative lifestyle agenda or promotion but there are two homosexual characters; (10) not a cliffhanger ending; (11) Grammar and punctuation police, come ahead on: I know you'll find something.
Another new author for me ... one I'm glad I didn't miss! I'm not sure where I would place this one ... it's far more than a cozy, but not a psychological mystery even though the main character is a psychologist. Maybe I would call it more of a romantic suspense. There is certainly romance which causes my little heart to hitch.

Dr. Abigael Gallant is a beautiful, but blind, psychologist who treats others who are newly disabled. She's lived through a brutal attack by her ex-husband that left her young daughter dead. She is also dealing with an alcoholic mother who has been sober since the attack.

She's come a long way in her healing and she's not looking for more. But that's before she meets Luke McAllister, a detective who was left deaf as a result of an on-the-job incident. He's bitter, he's frustrated, and really, really attracted to Abigael.

Abigael is being stalked. She receives threatening emails. Her house is broken into and trashed. Luke has to walk the fine line between cop and protector and lover, all while hiding secrets of his own. When Abigael is kidnapped, her past comes to confront her at an amazing pace.

The book is well-paced with only one small area that seemed to lag, but not nearly enough to put the book down. I liked the interaction and attraction between the main characters and the mystery kept me turning pages to see what happened next.

There were two secondary characters that deserve mention. One is Luke's best friend, Alex, who is a working detective and the other is Jeff former Special Ops who now does personal protection work. I know this author has other books out.. they are next on my list to get and read. I'm keeping fingers crossed that Alex and Jeff get their own books ... they deserve it.
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