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Beyond Reach: A Novel (Grant County) by Karin Slaughter
ISBN: 0440242932
ISBN13: 978-0440242932
Author: Karin Slaughter
Book title: Beyond Reach: A Novel (Grant County)
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Publisher: Dell; Reprint edition (July 29, 2008)
Language: English
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Category: Mystery

In a small Georgia town, Detective Lena Adams is accused of a vicious murder. A hundred miles away, Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver learns that his young detective has been arrested. And Jeffrey’s wife, pediatrician and medical examiner Sara Linton, fighting a heartbreaking malpractice suit, is thrust into the center of a bizarre and murderous case.   For Lena has fled to the place where she grew up, careening back through the shadows of her past. Now only Jeffrey and Sara can free Lena from the web of lies that has trapped her—as this powerful novel races toward its shattering climax and a final, unforgettable twist.   Praise for Karin Slaughter and Beyond Reach   “Will leave you breathless.”USA Today   “Slaughter writes with a razor.”The Plain Dealer   “Slaughter will have you on the edge of your seat.”—Seattle Post-Intelligencer   “Powerful and complex . . . Slaughter gradually unspools her fascinating story, all the way up to its shocking conclusion.”—Chicago Sun-Times

From the Hardcover edition.

Books reviews
What a horrible ending to a series!

Not sure what the author was thinking with this one.

The plot:

Detective Lena Adams goes to visit her uncle Hank during her day off. To her surprise, she finds him high as a kite. When did Hank get hooked on drugs again?

Next thing we know, Lena is in custody after a car is burned with a body in it and Lena is found close to it. Chief Jeffrey Tolliver comes running to help his detective and Sara Linton is tagging along. Jeffrey and Sara have recently remarried and are in the process of adopting a baby. Sara's practice as a pediatrician has closed after she is named in a lawsuit.

When Jeffrey and Sara arrive in town, they discover death, drugs, and skinheads all over the place. Jeffrey wonders if Ethan Green is involved in any of it.

Beyond Reach was a letdown I felt the author was in need of a Wow moment and her ending was one way to achieve it. I wasn't satisfied. After reading all the Grant books and investing in these characters, the outcome failed to deliver.

Surprisingly, this is the first book where I didn't hate Lena. Don't get me wrong, she's obnoxious and she's still making plenty of wrong decisions and in a very real way, she has to do with how wrong things ended but I didn't despise her like I did in prior books.

As always, Sara is the best thing the Grant series has. I wonder what's in store for her.

Cliffhanger: No, just a really bad end

1/5 Fangs
SPOILER ALERT - Unlike many people who have written reviews, I anticipated that one of the two characters would be killed off when I saw that it only got three stars and was the final book of the series (from 2007, when I'm reading it in 2016).

I was sad with the ending as others were...I liked the two main characters. As an avid reader, I understand the horrible feeling of being vested in characters and having them die off (I certainly was flooded with that feeling while reading George R.R. Martin).

Unfortunately as the series progressed, I noticed her painting herself into corners as a writer. I think she could have freed herself from those traps, but you could tell she was tiring of the characters with each book I read.

Strangely, though I usually root for the female characters, moreso than the male characters, I really wished she had chosen to spare Jeffery over Sara. I like a good redemption story, and I felt pleased that he continued to improve not only his lot in life, but his morale judgment too. The only problem with killing Sara off rather than Jeffery is that the series more likely could have continued with a police chief, rather than the coroner....I'm guessing Slaughter wanted to move on, so leaving Jeffery alive could have fueled hopes for another book with the fans.

Though I wasn't happy with the loss of a nain character, I was especially displeased that the character responsible for his demise was left alive by the end of the book. If she was going to kill Jeffery off, Slaughter should have let Sara kill his murderer.

For those of you who like this type of "small town cop" genre Craig Johnson's Longmire series is good. Also, if you like reading about smart, strong women, CJ Lyons books are very good.
Risky Strong Dromedary
If you are enjoying the Grant County series, do yourself a favor and end at the previous book, Faithless. Please do not waste your time on this book. You will be very unhappy.
First, this is book six in the series. If you haven't read the first five, don't start here.

Second, this continues delving deeper into the relationship between Jeffrey, Sara, and Lena and their backgrounds (particularly Lena's background). Gives some good detail that provides clarity from the other five books.

Third, I was having a good time, enjoying Book 6 until the ending--I stayed up late to finish the book, but the ending p*ssed me off so much I couldn't sleep that night.

If you liked books 1-5 of this series, you'll probably enjoy book six.
I read all six books of the series and was very very disappointed the way this book ended. It is still bothering me. After all they went through I was looking forward to a happy ending. I can't think of a reason why it ended like that. Karin could write book 7 and have the ending as a dream or at least a better ending. I was going to try her other books but will pass. I don't even want to give it one star.
Rollers from Abdun
Too bad I can't give it a minus score. Unfortunately, I didn't read other reviews before buying. Fortunately, I flipped to the end after reading the first few chapters so I didn't waste too much time. Good grief. The equivalent of a rude gesture to readers from the author. Or is she just trying to live up to her pen name?

I won't be buying any other books by this author and wish I could return this ebook. Will tell my reading friends to avoid her books, too.
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