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Watson's Last Case (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) by Ian Alfred Charnock
ISBN: 0947533923
ISBN13: 978-0947533922
Author: Ian Alfred Charnock
Book title: Watson's Last Case (Adventures of Sherlock Holmes)
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Pages: 192 pages
Publisher: Breese Books Ltd; New edition edition (April 2000)
Language: English
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Category: Mystery

In the Elementary Cases of Sherlock Holmes by Ian Charnock, Stamford told of some of Sherlock Holmes's early cases. Now ind Watson's Last Case, Stamford reveals what happened after Watson had joined up with his old service in 1914.

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Elastic Skunk
Although the back cover optimistically refers to six stories, there are only two present. In "On Active Service" Watson tells "young" Stamford of his Mycroft-assigned job to dog the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, to keep him from giving away to his Arab cohorts the British plans to betray them. In "The Report," Mycroft tells Stamford about an earlier mission of Watson to Russia, to investigate the situation of the Tsar and his family, just before and just after the Tsar's overthrow. These stories make up only about 1/5 of the book. The remaining material is "backstory" on Holmes, Watson and Stamford. Holmes never actually appears in either of the stories.
The narrative structure of the tales is almost absurdly complicated. For example, "The Report" is as told by Mycroft, but in parts Watson speaks in the first person, while other parts are in the third person. It seems to me, as in the case of the author's earlier book ELEMENTARY CASES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, that the various parts of the book were written at widely separated times with no overall plan in view, and stitched together with the minimum possible revision.
With Holmes off-stage, the focus is on Watson just before, during and just after WWI. Can you picture Watson driving racing cars as a hobby? He does here, even though he is poor enough to have had to pawn his pocket watch. Can you picture Watson as a rugby three-quarter? He was, here.
I think readers will be mainly interested in "The Solitary Student," which gives some speculative details of Holmes' family situation and university days. It's a good guess by Charnock that he would have started out studying theology, because of his frequent, quite peculiar theological references as recorded by Watson.
Don't expect too much here and you won't be let down. This is in no way a collection of stories involving the adventures of Holmes, of Watson, or of Holmes and Watson together. It's more of a scrapbook than anything else.
Watson’s Last Case

Ian Charnock also wrote “The Elementary Cases of Sherlock Holmes”. The copyright on Conan Doyle’s characters expired in 1970 so others are free to use them in stories. None have excelled, or even matched the originals (but I never read them all). This paperback book has nine chapters and three Parts in its 191 pages. In “A Study in Scarlet” we learn how Stamford introduced John H. Watson MD to Sherlock Holmes to share lodgings.

“On Active Service” tells about the end of the Great War. Dr. John H. Watson greets Stamford and they dine together and talk. Watson spent time in the Near East on a military mission to work with Colonel T. E. Lawrence and uses an alias. Watson is told about the situation; he meets Colonel Lawrence. Later he talks to Mycroft about the Sykes-Picot Plan and the honor of His Majesty’s Government. Mycroft says the British government must be as ruthless as its rivals. Watson suffered from his old wound and falls into his armchair.

Stamford took Watson’s stories to his literary agent. They discuss a number of stories for “The Casebook”. They find two envelopes hidden in the briefcase. Mycroft recalls the past. Watson will be sent on a secret mission to Russia to learn what is happening there. [You can’t trust newspaper reports then or now.] “The Report” says Watson was sent to Murmansk. An American reporter accompanies him. At Petrograd he learns of the power of Rasputin. Watson observes the Tsarevich’s malady. He learns of the death of Rasputin. Can Watson rescue the Romanoffs? This story uses the Russian Revolution as its background. [Was this story useful?]

“The Solitary Student” is the story of Victor Trevor and his family. It is based on a Sherlock Holmes story. London in the 1870's is described as the center of Empire and crime. Charnock invents a biography of Sherlock Holmes and his family. “The Attendant Three-Quarter” tells about the history of rugby football in the late 19th century England. Next there are explanations of Watson’s personal history. “The Dresser” tells about the life of Young Stamford and invents the story about supplying drugs to Sherlock and sailing as a ship’s surgeon. He tells about his life up to the Great War.

There is little of interest in this book. Like most recreations it is less than the originals. The best recreations have taken parts of the original stories and melded them into a new story for a movie.
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