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The 4 O'Clock Murders by Scott Anderson
ISBN: 044021629X
ISBN13: 978-0440216292
Author: Scott Anderson
Book title: The 4 O'Clock Murders
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Publisher: Dell (January 1, 1994)
Language: English
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Category: Thrillers & Suspense

Chronicles the true story behind four 1988 Texas murders carried out at the behest of a dead self-proclaimed Mormon prophet, who left his sixty children a list of people he wanted killed. Reprint.

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(StephanySpencer.com) Stephany Spencer's book review of Investigative-Journalist Scott Anderson's "The 4 O'clock Murders:"

Scott Anderson's "The 4 O'clock Murders," published in 1993, is a must-read for those interested in a documentary of America's most bizarre but now apparently defunct crime family. The Doc chronicles the history of this extremist cult initiated in the late 1960s by the sociopathic serial killer, Ervil LeBaron. (He was my uncle.)

The cult was largely made up of Uncle Ervil's fourteen wives and about sixty children, plus a few other staunch followers and their wives and children. He called his cult organization the "Church of the Lamb of God." But it was, in reality, anything but lamb-like. Ervil LeBaron's cult was a fundamentalist Mormon-mafioso syndicated crime family cloaked under the guise of religion.

Anderson's text is the most up-to-date book on this cult. Thanks to his dedicated and daring work, we have an amazing wealth of information and insight to further our research, awareness, and understanding of "Evil Ervil," and his avenging angels.

I've been told the "Ervilites" no longer exist. But that's not to say another extreme cult of "avenging angel's" couldn't or hasn't risen from its ashes to take up where the "Ervilites" left off. You are with me in hoping that isn't the case and never happens.

Recently, I read Scott Anderson's "The 4 O'clock Murders," only to have my hair stand on end when I realized how little I had ever really known about this horrifyingly horrific, dangerous, and devious band of outlaws.

I'm not proud to say most of them were my relatives. And that it was all spawned by my charismatic and brilliant, but lunatic Uncle Ervil and his treacherous teachings -- that included hearing God regularly tell him to "Kill those sons of bitches!"

But maniacal "Mormon Manson" Ervil couldn't have succeeded in his reign of terror without the dastardly group of mislead miscreant, autistic-like, demented people who followed his violent, crazy, megalomaniac, and malevolent religious philosophy.

The majority of Uncle Joel LeBaron's Church of the Firstborn followers couldn't stomach his brother Ervil LeBaron's violent, threatening, and far-fetched Philosophy of life. Nor did they want anything to do with his domineering, devious, and deceptive ways.

Ervil's overbearing, self-centered, presumptuous, pseudo-authoritative sense-of-entitlement was hard for most to take -- not to mention his nonstop talk, wayward religious doctrines -- and his bad breath.

Uncle Ervil's priestcraft and manipulations drove some of my peaceful Uncle Joel's followers into frenzied frustration, rebellion, and disillusionment -- such that they left Joel's cult Uncle Ervil had a large role in helping Joel build.

In other words, most of Uncle Joel LeBaron's followers (myself included) wouldn't leave Joel's sect to join the violent renegade, retrograde cult Ervil LeBaron started. (Ervil initiated it after Joel excommunicated him from the "Church of the First Born," a Mormon-offshoot cult.)

Therefore, you have to wonder about the adults who did choose to follow Uncle Ervil, hook, line, and sinker/stinker (Pun intended) -- and even to murder for him!

 In 1967, at age twenty-one, I escaped Uncle Joel LeBaron's cult -- just as Uncle Ervil, his right-hand man and brother, was beginning to preach his own violent, subversive civil-law and blood-atonement doctrine, along with all its mafioso underpinnings.

A few years after I fled "The Church of the Firstborn of the Fullness of Times," Uncle Joel, as I mentioned above, finally disfellowshipped his brother Ervil from his "church," due to, among other things, Ervil's insurrection, insubordination, aggrandizement, and blood-atonement philosophy.

You must read the following books, "The 4 O'Clock Murders," "Prophet of Blood," and my recently-deceased Aunt Irene Koonz LeBaron/Spencer's book, "Cult Insanity," to know what I'm talking about -- if you aren't already familiar with the LeBaron-Madmen story.

I wish there were an update of this bloody LeBaron Documentary, "The Four O'clock Murders." Written over twenty-five years ago, much has taken place among the Ervilites, LeBarons, and Joel's cult since Scott Anderson went out on a limb, putting his life on the line, to chronicle and publish this incredulous history of a vengeful crime family that makes Manson and his "family" seem tame in comparison.

 I'm grateful Anderson scribed this well-written Doc. Without his honesty and dedication, I and the world would never have known the extent to which this bloody, Satanic, and ill-begotten cult was willing to go -- although we do have the earlier and equally well-written and researched documentary, "The Prophet of Blood," chronicled and published in 1981 by Ben Bradlee, Jr. and Dale Van Atta.

These Documentaries may not always be right-on-the-button. But they're close enough "Whose got the button." The Authors did well, given the difficulty involved in obtaining information. Even ex-cult members usually don't talk -- especially to outsiders. If bits of Info were circumspect, blame the cult members they interviewed!

That said, "The Prophet of Blood," is a recommended read. It contains historical data not in "The 4 O'clock Murders."

Scott Anderson's Documentary published twelve years later, chronicles updated history of the bloody and loony legacy spawned by the maniacal "prophet," Ervil LeBaron. It's a pathetic legacy of a "Prophet out for Profit" ... out of his mind.


My wife and I knew Duane, Mark and Lillian Chynoweth in the mid 1980's. We originally met them in 1983 through a string of transactions, used appliance trades and parts purchases through the family business. They owned Reliance Appliance in Southwest Houston. I had been in the family home several times on business as well as casual visits. I found the family normal, friendly and quite nice.

I was startled and shocked when we found out about the murders. Even more startled at the story that unfolded in the media as well as this book about the past lives they had lead in Mexico and later in the US. Many unanswered questions haunted me for years. At least until I read this book. From what I knew of them and what I saw I can say that the author has done an exhaustive amount of work and appears to be accurate as he could be from the information he researched. If anyone is interested in their lives, who they were, and how this tragedy unfolded, I highly recommend this book.
Scott Anderson's book is well written, well researched, and an amazing true crime story. I'll say, I've read at least ten books in the past 6 months about polygamy, and this one is the best. It's a riveting story, and the first I've read from an investigative journalistic view. Many I've read were from the wives' point of view, which are quite interesting and present the female perspective of being a plural wife in the LeBaron cult. The LeBaron cult events presented in this amazing book are unbelievable. What occurred during the 70's and 80's was a killing spree in the name of religion, orchestrated by Ervil LeBaron.
I am so glad that I decided to read this book. I can't blieve that there are people who use religion to justify criminal behavior. I stumbled on this family by accident, after reading "Favorite Wife" by one of Verlan LeBarons' ten wives. After that, I read another book by his 2nd wife as well. Both wives mentioned their brother-in-law, Ervil Lebaron and how he killed his brother. Both books were very interesting but they were just the tip of the iceberg. I was interested in the polygamy aspect, but I never expected to learn as much as I learned from reading this book. The LeBaron family is so SCARY that I can't believe that I never heard of them until now. I have to warn you, some of the incidents are very disturbing to read. I still can't believe that this is a true story.
BIZARRE portrait of a FLDS Mormon crime family.

This is a true crime book at its best.
The Investigative author Scott Anderson did a fine job.

These 4 executions took place in 3 different areas in
Texas June 27,1988-- 4pm. Duane Chynoweth (31)
and his daughter Jenny (8), Mark Chynoweth (35)
and Eddie Marston.

The only one you should WEEP for is JENNY....SHE
WAS THE ONLY INNOCENT. They shot her in the face.

The others had killed many times for Ervil LeBaron.

This book is about the killing spree Ervil's children &
other cult members went on after his death in 1981.
Ervil started the killings in 1971 and they would go on
until 1991.

It is a very interesting book. This is an old 1993 book.
Out of print. The only place you are going to be able to
find it is Amazon.

Order now....don't' miss out.

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A totally absorbing story of the LDS faction of Mormonism which featured unbelievable moral turpitude in the name of religion. Well researched and replete with wide ranging data about all the nefarious characters who made up this rag-tag sect.
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