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The third man: A film (Classic film scripts) by Graham; Reed Carol Greene,Illustrated
ISBN: 0856470937
ISBN13: 978-0856470936
Author: Graham; Reed Carol Greene,Illustrated
Book title: The third man: A film (Classic film scripts)
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Pages: 120 pages
Publisher: Lorrimer Publishing (1984)
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Graham Greene's, "The Third Man" is a wonderful mystery (thriller) set in post war Vienna with the legendary character of Harry Lime; a notorious racketeer selling poisoned penicillin to children's hospitals and doctors, at exorbitant prices, resulting in the death and disabling of innocent victims.

Mr. Graham originally wrote this as a screenplay which was made into the legendary movie "The Third Man" starring the great Orson Welles and Joseph Cotton. He later wrote the book, which is slightly different than movie, but just as great.

I recommend the book and the movie. You will not be disappointed.
Wonderful use of the English language, incredible imagery, deep understanding of human nature are three of the features that make this book unforgettable.

In just a very few pages Green brings us brings a mystery, a look into the meaning of friendship, and insight into the Cold War.

I highly recommend this book to people interested at questioning the obvious and looking for a more universal truth.
I love Graham Greene and have read many of his many, many books. They are all just good, interesting reads. And when you know more about Greene's life, they are even more interesting. This is one of his good ones. A great escape.
I'll start this by saying I have held Graham Greene as a library must for about 12 years now. I haven't read everything, but nearly everything. As you may know, Greene classified his own work as either "serious" or "entertainments," and this would be categorized as the latter. However, don't take Greene's labels too seriously; this book has a great depth. The story revolves around a man who may or may not have fallen into the illegal underworld in postwar Vienna; he's pursued by a former colleague, with whom he as an inevitable interaction; that scene is one of the most powerful I've seen in Greene. If you haven't read Greene, this is a great starting point; if you have read Greene, then you must must must read this. The movie is excellent, but this is one of the few books where book and movie can stand together. Read the book first.
What can I say? It is, after all, Graham Greene. A short thriller with the theme common in so many of Greene's books--betrayal. The first person narrative vaguely reminded me of the pendatic meter of Fowler in "The Quiet American." I like it when Greene does first person. A nice, short read that really packs a punch...
There is a lot of history in this slim novel. It takes place in post WWII occupied Vienna. The Americans, the Russians and the French are co-occupiers with all the friction that that entails. Fortunes are being made and Harry Lime is in the thick of it. The narrator is an American author of pulp westerns and a boyhood friend of Harry's. Down on his luck, Harry has invited him to Vienna to write press for him. There are revelations, betrayals, suspense and... well, read the book.

This was not supposed to be a book. Graham Greene was hired to do a screen play. His process was to write his plays as novellas and then write a screen play from them, because screen plays are all about subtraction but he felt that he needed characters to work with and the novel was his way of getting the characters to talk. He wrote this because he wanted to write about post war Vienna and he had an opening sentence in his head that he wanted to use. After the movie came out there was pressure to publish the seminal piece so it was published together with The Fallen Idol. It's a great little gem, as a film and as a book.
This isn't a book in the traditional sense. It was written with the intention of turning it into a movie script as opposed to being a novel that wound up being made into a movie. There are differences from the great movie developed from this book, but that was expected from the start. If you are a fan of the movie you will find this a fun and rewarding read. Be sure to read the Preface as that tells about how this writing came about and how it morphed into a movie.
A piece of literature to be enjoyed over and over again. Very suspenseful. Highly recommended. Great movie made from this book.
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