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The Fifth Estate by Robin Moore
ISBN: 0553083333
ISBN13: 978-0553083330
Author: Robin Moore
Book title: The Fifth Estate
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Publisher: Bantam; 1st edition (1974)
Language: English
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The Fifth Estate - Robin Moore
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The Fifth Estate - Robin Moore
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Fiction, Criminal influences in the top levels of government and business by the Mafia

Books reviews
I first read it in 1982 on a 16 hour plane flight from the US to Brazil as a teenager and thought it was amazing then. Now as an adult as well as a journalist, it is even more relevant. Just bought two more copies, one as a gift for a friend and the other for myself. Robin Moore is so good and a well crafted political crime thriller never goes out of style.
OK book, worth reading, nice perspective on who runs the world
Very good reading.
I remember reading this book when it first came out back in the 70's.. Though knowing it was fiction, the idea of things actually happening, really scared me at the time.

Now, after reading Obama's Wars, and half way through Clinton's Wars, I felt the need to reread this book. Really scares me more this time around.. What goes around in the background of BOTH parties is terrible. I also am starting Bush's book, though don't expect honesty as he wrote the book, no doubt with help, but the Obama and Clinton books were written by others. So read everything you can before November.. but realize who the author is and if he/she has an ax to grind or has honest information..
This book closely parallels current events. That of a takeover of the USA, and its conversion to a dictatorship. It is very prophetic in that it was written in 1973 and here it is 2006..

Is it any wonder that Alito is Italian ?
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