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The Man Who Listens to Horses by Monty Roberts
ISBN: 0676970559
ISBN13: 978-0676970555
Author: Monty Roberts
Book title: The Man Who Listens to Horses
Other Formats: txt lrf azw lit
Pages: 258 pages
Publisher: Random House Inc; First Edition edition (1997)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1874 kb
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"Observing Monyt's philosophy and method of working with horses and people is one of the most profoundly deep, awe-inspiring, and hear-opening experiences I've ever witnessed, I highy recommend this book to everyone." (Jack Canfilld, co-auhor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul serires.

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Excellent book, I read it to get more knowledge about horses. I have finally got a horse and don't know anything about them, other than they are beautiful creatures. My little girl, a Paso Fino had been abused and passed from one neighbor to the next. She has finally gained my trust thru the tips Mr. Roberts has written about. I recommend this book to both experienced and novice horse lovers.
Everyone who has a horse - or any animal - should read this book. "Breaking" a horse can break it in so many ways and is incredibly cruel. Trying to dominate animals and bend germ to our will may work short term but at a huge cost This book shows there is s better way - instead of asserting power over it is about power with, working with, earning the love and respect (not fear) if another being A good strategy with people too
I would recommend this book to anyone even if they are not a horse enthusiast. The book tells of courage, determination, humanity and triumphs! It is entertaining and a real page turner, while being educational at the same time. This book teaches not only a training method but that kindness will get you farther than bullying something or someone to your will. It teaches how important it is to effectively communicate with anyone, animal or human. It teaches you to never give up. I think the schools, students and teachers in America should especially read this book. Also, it would benefit companies to instill this type of thought when dealing with employee's! Getting anyone to want to work with you to accomplishing your goals is going to be more beneficial than forcing them to work for you!
As a lifelong horse lover I have always been fascinated by how horses affect people. People as groups, like the military, and people as individuals like myself and others that love horses. So much of the time horses are badly treated and i hate to see that: there is no reason for it. Monty Roberts book reveals a beginning of just how close people can be to their horses and how much horses normally really try to do what their owner wants. It's the stupid people that is most often the problem.
This is special as a life story and learning more about horses. I'm glad to have read it and wish I could have met Monty Roberts. Horses would wish to give him a word of thanks, too.
Mr. Roberts has lead an interesting life. His life story is well told and his approach to working with horses is sublime. I read this book several years after my own horse had past away, but I instantly recognized everything that Roberts teaches from my own experience of having had a long relationship with my horse. Whether you have or had a horse in your life or have had a difficult childhood because of parental alcoholism - this book will touch your heart and teach you how to have a better relationship with your horse and your past. I highly recommend reading this book~! My deepest thanks to Monty Roberts for sharing this/his story.
I read this book many years ago and it changed my professional skillsets permanently. I started using his methods on my guinea pig and transformed THAT relationship in wonderful ways. It even worked in my personal relationships. Now I am reading his Horse Sense for People and I bought this copy for a friend who loves horses and is deepening her skill sets in Human Resources. It's a great look at body language, eye contact and behavior patterns. I have never forgotten his story about the jealous deer attacking his wife's vehicle. It deepened my perceptions of how we relate and why. It also made me less insecure around horses.
Wooden Purple Romeo
As a person preparing to retire this book gives great inspiration for the opportunity of a new and wonderful life if we can reconcile and improve from whatever past we started with.
Following his instincts and keen observations, Monty learns and follows his heart to take him to the depths of a horses’s soul, and around the world. His generosity in sharing what he has learned was encouraged by people around the globe seeking ways to reach others in a respectful and positive way. Loved it!
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