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This is a lift the flap book. It is NOT a board book. I didn't even know they made flap books out of waxy paper pages. The text is delightful for older babies and young toddlers, I'm just not sure a child that age has the dexterity not to completely ruin the book. Totally bummed.
This book is cute, but only four pages long. Each page has a large and a small flap. Never mentions the baby is God's son, Probably for 2 year old. I actually printed in God's son in two places .
Very cute book with multiple flaps on each page. Arrived in used condition just as stated.
Purchased this for my soon to be 3 year old...very cute and simple version of the birth of Jesus. Wish the actual book was a little bigger though.
Reviewed by Laura V. Hilton

Lift the Flap Nativity is a delightful retelling of the First Christmas. The story is very simply told, but it has several flaps on each page to lift, to show the angel Gabriel, the sheep, the baby Jesus, and other surprises.

I read the book to my five- and two-year-old as soon as I opened the package, and both my daughters loved the story and the pictures. My five-year-old liked the lift-the-flap parts better than the two-year-old, while the two-year-old was more interested in pointing at the colorful pictures and telling me what they were.

I thoroughly enjoyed this retelling of the Christmas story and recommend it. My only concern is that with the thin paper pages, some of the flaps might be easy to rip off. But after rereading the book several times, so far they are staying intact.

Armchair Interviews says: A wonderful way to involve children in this story.
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