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Tarot of Marseille (Lo Scarabeo Decks) by Lo Scarabeo
ISBN: 0738700118
ISBN13: 978-0738700113
Author: Lo Scarabeo
Book title: Tarot of Marseille (Lo Scarabeo Decks)
Other Formats: lit doc txt docx
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (September 8, 2000)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1292 kb
Size ePub version: 1930 kb
Size fb2 version: 1312 kb
Category: New Age & Spirituality

The family of Marseilles cards are the decks that first caught the attention of French occultists, thus beginning Tarot's use as a divination tool. The Tarots of Marseille, a detailed reproduction of a classic Marseilles deck, maintains an integrity of Tarot symbolism and a connection with Tarot's veiled past while incorporating added details that enhance usability and increase ease in reading.

The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Books reviews
They've placed ugly text boxes on the top & bottom of each card that completely detract from the images. Nobody who uses the Marseille deck needs useless text added to the card. Just reproduce the original images. Order the "Cbd Tarot De Marseille" or the "Tarot de Marseille by Jodorowsky." Either one is far superior.
When I opened this pack of card I was annoyed to find the names of some of the cards were written in SIX languages like some kind of IKEA instructions. It really "kills the mood" of reading tarot by image on the card, which is the most important part. I would have been fine with the name in any ONE of the languages, even if it wasn't my native English. It just strikes me as a bit tacky and disjointed, I wish there had been a picture of the specific images on each card or even a few of them in the product listing. Other decks of the same type don't have tis issue. In addition, I don't feel the card backs specifically match the artistic theme. Thinking of sending them back.
I researched these before I bought them. I knew they would be different but I just love the artwork. The minor arcana only have pictures of the numbered suit, no other help. So you really have to feel/know your stuff. This will take practice for a beginner.
Great deck for the price!
This deck is ok. It feels and looks good, yes, but the symbolic language of the images is a bit muddled. Certain things are left out, like the flower at the base of the skull of Death, the Lover card is called the Lovers (a common confusion), the eyes and gestures of the characters are not always as defined as they are on other decks, the colors are not consistent with other, older decks. If one is looking to really study the symbolic language of the Tarot of Marseille I would recommend searching for another deck such as the CBD Tarot of Marseille or the Jodorowsky Tarot of Marseille. If one is just looking for a deck of tarot cards this will more than suffice. I am sure, as is evident from the many positive reviews, that many folks out there have a very rich relationship with the Lo Scarabeo deck and that it works well for them. I am in no way putting this deck down; it's just not exactly what I was looking for.
grand star
Wonderful set of Tarot! These cards hold true to the old original decks which for me hold all the meaning!!
I haven't messed around with tarot cards for about 20 years. I picked this deck up because it's the one cult film maker and tarot enthusiast Alejandro Jodorowsky recommends. The deck is beautiful and classic.

In my mind the Crowley deck is a little more interesting to look at, and I've always had a soft spot for the Robin Wood deck, but this is a solid choice for anyone.
I am new to these! Very cool set! I got them to learn after reading Jung and the tarot. I have really enjoyed them so far!
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