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Virgin Heat (Large Print) by Laurence Shames
ISBN: 1574900846
ISBN13: 978-1574900842
Author: Laurence Shames
Book title: Virgin Heat (Large Print)
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Publisher: Thomas t Beeler (August 1, 1997)
Language: English
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Category: Contemporary

Ex-mobster Sal Martucci abandons the Federal Witness Protection Program and heads to Key West, where his comfortable life as a bartender and small-time racketeer comes to an end when a mafioso's daughter discovers his identity

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Virgin Heat is a cocktail; Angelina Amaro is approaching thirty, a virgin hot for a bartender, whose hands she sees in her Uncle Louie’s home video mixing the drink in Key West. The hands look familiar – they look like the hands of her one true love, Sal from ten years earlier. Angelina secretly leaves New York and her father, Mafia godfather Paul Amaro, to search for Sal in Key West. The problem? Sal betrayed Paul Amaro and sent him to prison for nine years making him number one on the Mafia hit list. Sal has hidden behind plastic surgery and the Witness Protection Program ever since.

So begins another Laurence Shames’ tale with the same wonderfully descriptive writing, funny dialogue and great quirky characters as the other Key West Capers. Will Angelina find her true love? Will Paul Amaro get his revenge? Will Sal escape with his life? And why is Uncle Louie dressing as a woman, his man boobs fitting snuggly in those brassiere cups?
Reading Lawrence Shames novels are like holidays at some relative's house or a wake after a funeral for a dearly loved Grandparent...you would rather be somewhere else but glad to be there all the same.

And that is about the best left-handed compliment I will ever write. I have spent a lot of time in Key West and never once caught on to all the wild action that comes up in Mr. Shames books but it probably was there all along. I go to Key West to ride my bicycle and drink. Maybe on my next visit I will get involved in some convoluted scheme involving beautiful women, old mafioso, displaced yankees and a pot of gold at the Southernmost Point.

This is the first Laurence Shames novel I read, but after finishing it I purchased four more of his works. Granted, this book will never win the Nobel prize for literature, but his use of words is nothing short of spectacular. After reading the first ten pages or so, I got a yellow Hi-Liter and started at the beginning again, this time marking every sentence that stood out as wonderful, so I could flip back through later and admire his best work.

His plotting was also clever. Several times in the gay hotel scene near the end I had to throw down the book and clutch my stomach, I was laughing so hard. At one point my wife came running from the kitchen to see if I was all right, because I could barely catch my breath.

Shames paints pictures with words in ways that I've never seen another author do. For example: "A floor lamp stood behind my wife in the darkened room, its glow reducing her to the profile of an old lady's hairdo, and a face with wrinkles around the edges." This book is filled with language like this.

Shames also has such perfect command of the stereotype mafiaso mannerisms that I suspect he was raised in an Italian gangster family. He mocks the stereotype in a way that simultaneously impresses and tickles.

I highly recommend that anyone aspiring to be an author read this book or an equally good sibling. Shames shows a command of the written word that is far above most writers. Bravo!
Another 5-star book by Laurence Shames. This time the mafiosa comes to Key West -- along with many other characters. Imagine a 27-year old virgin daughter of a mafia boss, and imagine her waiting a decade to .... well, you will just have to read the book to find out more. Me, well ... I am moving on to book 6 and expecting more giggles and well-thoughtout surprises.
I have gotten to like all the "Florida" books, as they are filled with strange and rather unusual characters. Started reading Laurence Shames a while ago and have enjoyed all of his books, Virgin Heat included. I have always liked how his characters tend to break form, which motivates his stories.
Not probably going to go down as classic literature, but well worth the read.
Sweet, but mostly a long slow windup for a short pitch. Besides, I was disappointed that Bert the Shirt was nowhere to be found.
It wasn't terrible, just kinda blah. Full of stereotypes and characters I didn't really care for one way or another. I did finish it, so it wasn't a total waste.
Interesting as usual and some very funny parts. Really enjoy the way the Key West flora is an integral and carefully described part of the story. Several story lines intertwine, with unpredictable twists. Really an enjoyable read.
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