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Bandit's Embrace by Georgina Gentry
ISBN: 0821725963
ISBN13: 978-0821725962
Author: Georgina Gentry
Book title: Bandit's Embrace
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Publisher: Zebra; First Edition edition (March 1, 1989)
Language: English
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Category: Historical

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When her scheming future stepmother forces Amethyst Durango to enter a convent, the headstrong heiress swears to live life to the fullest before entering, even if it means taking up with a Texas drifter

Books reviews
Georgina Gentry has always been my favorite historical romance author. However, this book was okay, but not my favorite. I have to say to say it was too busy for my taste.
Bandit, aka Texas, aka Tony, fell in live with Amethyst right off. He considered himself a saddle bum and Amethyst came from a rich background. He followed her across the country side.
What I didn't Luke about this book is the grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. It was way too busy for me to want to keep up with. There were a Lot of characters to follow. I felt I was reading two books in one.
There were the main characters, their families, the bad guys, the Indians, the Calvary and this also included the stories being told by a relative of Bandit's family history. Sorry Ms. Gentry, but this one wasn't for me.
Title: Bandit's Embrace
Author: Georgina Gentry
Genre: Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Stars
Summery: Amethyst will do anything to avoid being locked in a convent the rest of her life. She knows if her soon-to-be step-mother has anything to say about it, that's exactly what will happen! The Bandit from Bandera is on the run from three hombres he unknowingly stole an Army payroll they'd stolen first!

If you've never read anything by Gentry, she adds a lot of historical details to her books that are well researched, which I love. I'm happy to see many of her older stories are becoming available on my Kindle!

Most of her books are related to each other, but some of the ones most related to this one are...
-Cheyenne Princess is about Amethyst's distant cousin Trace Durango.
-Nevada Nights is about Amethyst's distant cousin Dallas Durango.
I'm sure I've read this book before also, I have most of them when I had money before my husband retired and I got so sick! I really enjoyed reading this book again. If I like a book I can read it over and over again just like watching a favorite movie! I look forward to reading the next book.
I have never read a Georgina Gentry novel that I did not enjoy. I have read all of her novels that are listed on Kindle. This one was like all her novels was like all her books,, you don't want to put them down. I don't really like giving a review with story information. I think more reviews would be given if we could just rate it by the stars.
as all grorgina gentry,s books I loved it Hated to have it end
I had a book before , I love the story
Georgina has been a favorite author for a long time. Always love her books.
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