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Baby At His Convenience (Harlequin Desire) by Kathie Denosky
ISBN: 0373765959
ISBN13: 978-0373765959
Author: Kathie Denosky
Book title: Baby At His Convenience (Harlequin Desire)
Other Formats: lrf rtf mbr lit
Publisher: Silhouette Desire; Original edition (June 24, 2004)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1579 kb
Size ePub version: 1913 kb
Size fb2 version: 1691 kb
Category: Contemporary

Baby At His Convenience by Kathie DeNosky released on Jun 24, 2004 is available now for purchase.

Books reviews
This book had really good puzzle pieces but they never came together correctly and the writer needed to develop the lead character a great deal more. She also repeats the hero's same annoying thoughts over and over.

However, there is enough interesting here to say the book is an engaging category romaine with fly fishing and a truely plus sized heroine. Loved those parts. The look at fertility issues was also unique.
I really liked it, an easy and fast read. I loved how Jeremiah was so protective of Katie, they were like two lost souls that found each. Its a book I will read again
he like her for brainand other thing to
I really liked this book! It's romantic male lead was awesome in the way he viewed the woman and her fuller figure. I like that she didn't need to be a stick figure to be sexy to him.
This story gives hope that love can come to anyone, in any situation. Thank you to the author for a sweet and realistic story!
34 year old waitress Katie's biological clock is ticking, and rather than using a sperm bank donor, she decides to ask the new guy in town to help her. He agrees, as long as they get her pregnant the old fashioned way.

Some of the writing didn't seem realistic. It seems as though every other sentance Jeremiah says to Katie includes "honey".

Also, Jeremiah is supposed to be a 38 year old retired Marine who rides a Harley. The man on the cover barely looks 20, and neither an ex-Marine nor a Harley rider.
I liked very much because it went into great detail
The book was told in great detail by the author and was an amazing love story
Katie's biological clock was ticking and she wanted to have a baby. She lived in a very small town in a rural area that didn't give her many prospects for a potential biological father. She considered using a sperm back until ex-military loner Jeremiah moved to town and began to frequent the diner where she worked. Jeremiah seemed like the best prospect in the small town.
Jeremiah thought that he could put her off by insisting that the only way he would agree to be the biological father of her child was to go about making a baby the old fashioned way. Katie shocked him by agreeing to the terms he thought would put her off of the idea of him being the biological father of her child.
While they set out on the process of trying to conceive a child, Jeremiah was unexpectedly considerate, sensitive to Katie and kind. This was surprising given that he presented himself to be such a loner. Jeremiah was surprised by his protective response to Katie. In their baby making quest they ended up making a relationship too.
This was kind of a sweet story. I enjoyed Jeremiah's treatment of Katie and I enjoyed reading this book.
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