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The Crown of Silence (Chronicles of Magravandias) by Storm Constantine
ISBN: 0312873298
ISBN13: 978-0312873295
Author: Storm Constantine
Book title: The Crown of Silence (Chronicles of Magravandias)
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Pages: 432 pages
Publisher: Tor Books; 1st edition (February 1, 2001)
Language: English
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Category: Fantasy

Shan, an orphan with a golden inheritance, forges an alliance with the enemy of the Dragon Heir and plunges headlong into his destiny, in the second volume in the Chronicles of Magravandias series. 15,000 first printing.

Books reviews
This book rocked my world the first time I read it. I was in high school, and its protrayal of decadence and broken innocence shocked me. The characters were incredibly realistic to me. The behavior of Khaster and Tayven throughout the entire book reminded me of somewhat similar situations between people in real life. A dissolute man who turns to night life for solace is a very sympathetic character to me. So too is the experienced man, who is forced into ruin by bad choices. However be aware, the decadence of the Magravands is protrayed strongly through the use of gay relationships. If a person is upset about such things, The Crown of Silence would perhaps not be the best read. As I said, I first read this a few years ago in high school, then ended up giving the hardback edition to someone else. Several months after that, I was struck with a longing to read this incredibly compelling work again. So I thought about getting another copy. I had already read the book at least a couple times, but I wanted to read it again so bad, I went ahead and bought it. I have read it several times since. It is a simply awesome book.
Totally flips away from the main group in the first book, but does follow Khaster/Taropat and Tayven's story along with Merlan, and brings in a new important character, which will come together in the third and final book. Enjoyed the esoteric aspects, throughout, though the book didn't hold me as well. Took a couple of weeks to get through it.
I was so glad I read this book after I was done with it. I was anxious about reading it before because the first book was phenomenal. I didn't know if the second book could compare. I heard that this book felt a bit slow and predictable to some. Personally, I loved it. This is my favorite series.
At fifteen, Shan lives a relatively contented life working along side his father gathering crops in the isolated village of Holme. However, everything changes when the ferocious invading Magravandas ravage the village. The atrocities are numerous as men are viciously murdered and women brutally raped. They kill Shan's family and brutalize him leaving him for dead.
Taropat the wizard arrives after the soldiers leave and informs the survivors that "the demon of death" marches the land. He takes Shan with him and trains the lad into focusing his hatred and using magic as a weapon of retaliation against the Magravanda Empire. Taropat seeks a hero while Shan seeks vengeance, thus a marriage of convenience is forged between the tutor and the student. As he starts to learn more about Taropat, Shan joins a quest seeking the Crown of Silence with each member of the alliance planning to take control of the artifact.
THE CROWN OF SILENCE, the second tale in Storm Constantine's Magravandias Chronicles, is a well-written epic fantasy that will thrill genre diehards. The story line has exciting moments that bring alive an engaging plot, but at other times the tale seems bogged down with too much explanation of the mythos behind the legends. Shan is an interesting character fueled by loathing to become all he can be and more as he converts from peasant to mage. Taropat is also a captivating player, but no more on him because his background is pivotal to the novel. Although not quite as entertainingly smooth as SEA DRAGON HEIR, Ms. Constantine adds depth to her mythical realm with an overall strong entry.

Harriet Klausner
Yellow Judge
Shan was living an idyllic life, until the arrival of the conquering Magravandians, who destroy his town and shatter his innocence about men of war. Broken in spirit and body, Shan is taken by the wizard Taropat to be his apprentice, but soon Shan learns that his path encompasses more. He learns the story of Khaster Leckery and his lover Tayven Hirantel, and the tragic events leading to both of their disappearances. Both men have survived and since changed, and Shan feels compelled to bring them back together, if for nothing but closure. Soon fate brings these men together in a quest to claim the crown of silence, which can only be worn by the true king of the land, who it is hoped will overcome the evils of the Magravandian Empire. The story does drag in places, and seems to be filler for the trilogy. Yes, a lot happens to the characters, but in the grand scheme of the story, the book slows the momentum and I found it a struggle to get through sometimes. I was most fascinated when Constantine was telling about the court intrigues and the interconnections between the rival factions. I only wish the book was better, because "Sea Dragon Heir" was so enthralling, and I am looking forward to the next in the series nonetheless.
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