Peace by Gene Wolfe
ISBN: 0450489221
ISBN13: 978-0450489228
Author: Gene Wolfe
Book title: Peace
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Pages: 256 pages
Publisher: New English Library NEL; New Ed edition (February 1, 1989)
Language: English
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Category: Fantasy

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Books reviews
Peace is not a book for everyone. It is best left to experienced readers who are eager to look between the lines. Casual readers will be frustrated by this novel, as with much of Wolfe's work.

This book is a masterpiece deserving a place next to the works of Dickens, Hemingway, and Melville. Like other fine literature, it is a work which should be savored with multiple readings. Like many of Wolfe's works, Peace is a horror story in disguise. If you're not paying close attention, you may not notice the mystery haunting this book.

I can assure you that while much of the book may not seem to make sense at first, everything does add up. What appears random is not. The pieces of the puzzle are scattered across the various unfinished stories in the novel. One story's beginning must serve as another's end. Characters masquerade across different stories. If you give up, as some reviewers apparently have, you can always search the internet for answers to this book's many riddles.
As with any Gene Wolfe novel, read it once and blow your mind. Then read it again, and this time proceed with caution, re-read the same chapter four times, set it down and ponder, take notes, consult your local librarian, and blow your mind again.
A dense, intricate, yet beautiful memoir of an old man recalling events from his youth and adulthood. Filled with interwoven, intersecting stories and stories within stories.

Maybe paranormal? Maybe science-fiction? Neil Gaiman in his afterword poses his own suggestions on the nature of the narrator. While his idea is entirely plausible, I have my own, much more mundane, theory.

Be warned, be aware, consider the first chapter to be a true (dare I say, deliberate?) test of dedication and focus. If you can make it through without completely losing track of what is going on, I think the rest of the book will go more easily for you.
So wonderful to discover and old novel from a master. What a treat. I thoroughly enjoyed this book even though I could only get the gist of the concept from reading it the first time. If you like Wolfe's unreliable narrator style, you will love this book.
A profoundly creepy book. No other piece of literature affected me quite like this one. I didn't sleep the night I finished it, my mind was so lost in attempting to unravel some of the mysteries. It's a very cerebral sort of horror. On the surface, nothing much has happened at all -- but the more you think about the story, the more you mull it over...

I think this is Wolfe's best novel and the epitome of his unreliable narrator device. I also think it could hold its own among the best novels of the 20th century and it really deserves a wider audience.

This book expanded my understanding of what a novel can do. I've never read anything else quite like it.
Totally amazing you right in ...then spits you back out over and over again....I think I'll read this book again..immediately !! Or read some of his other books first then come back again...such a joy !!
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Mind-bender, awesome!
You should be familiar with Gene Wolfe already, and if not this likely isn't the book for you. But if you are, this is a not often discussed but perfect example of Wolfe at his best.
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