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Steps Of The Sun by Walter Tevis
ISBN: 0425076458
ISBN13: 978-0425076453
Author: Walter Tevis
Book title: Steps Of The Sun
Other Formats: txt mobi lrf lit
Publisher: Berkley (April 1, 1985)
Language: English
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Category: Science Fiction

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Steps Of The Sun [Apr 01, 1985] Tevis, Walter

Books reviews
This was the first Tevis book I ever read. While far from my favorite(Mockingbird), this story will always hold a special place in my heart.

The first half of the book is hard sci fi. In the best way. A spectacular journey into space in the foreground superimposing a story of desintegration of the protagonist Belson on a mission to save earth. All the while with tasteful flashbacks along the way Self involved though it may have been, the discoveries made along the way are profound and fascinating. His descent into the lifestyle of a galactic hermit is extremly poetic, pastoral, and spitlritual.

And then the second half of the book happens.

A dradtic shift into corporate espionage and redemption under persecution. All with Tevis's fantastically famous motif of addiction and recovery. And the ending? Well, even a doe hard WT fan like myself can only be left scratching his head....

I understand the negative reviews as far as narative structure. I have no idea why he decided to take the story in that oldirection at the end. But the fantastical nature of part one and the overall mesaage of healing through out the novel make this one of my favorite books of all time.
Started out as hard core sci-fi and got psychologically deep. The drawn-out character issues got in the way of a great sci-fi concept. I liked the concept of traveling to other planets and looking for new sources of fuel, and the description of the new planets. But, it became too much about Ben's personal problems. Ugh!
Full disclosure, I read through this whole book because it was an effective sleep aid. The main plot line has the protagonist, Ben Belson, either exercising or having frustrating sexual encounters, due to his impotentcy, a fact that he feels compelled to tell anybody who will listen. Also, while doing or not doing all that, he does some other things, flying off into space, doing some hero type stuff, whatever. But mainly, it's about him working out and not screwing.

I get a distinct feeling that Walter Tevis treated this book as a giant therapy session, most likely trying to resolve some mid-life/post-mid-life crisis. Here's hoping this helped him work through those issues. And like I said, I would read it in bed to help me fall asleep, so I guess everybody wins.
great novel
Very disappointing. Don't waste your time or money.

I've become a fan of Walter Tevis recently. So far, I've read The Man Who To Earth and Mockingbird and both of those are excellent. Next I'll move on to The Hustler and The Color Of Money. Unfortunately, I wish I hadn't bothered to read this one.

Tevis's science fiction reminds me of Robert Silverberg and Philip Farmer - less about the nuts and bolts of future technology and more about the people who inhabit that future world. But most of this book feels like a therapy session where the main character Ben Belson recalls his loveless childhood and failed relationships to understand why he's so successful at business yet drives away all the women who try to love him. And if that's not enough grist for psychological introspection, he's impotent as well. Maudlin, self-absorbed, egotistical shallowness ensues. Near the middle of the book things try to get interesting but Ben gets in the way again by obsessing over his wasted wretch of a mother and getting bored with how easily he makes huge amounts of money. And darn it all, why won't his penis get hard?

Robert Heinlein once compared writing to masturbation by saying "Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards." This book is a perfect example of a writer not writing for his audience but for himself, trying to understand himself and soothing his own troubled soul with little concern of giving the reader a story that says something.
An enjoyable read. While the main character does have his flaws (like most of Walter Tevis protagonists), this an interesting novel. I would definitely recommend it!
An interesting story at first but it went off-course and into a weird direction. Several plotlines went no where.
Horrible. Nothing happens the first third of the book. Then a bunch of stuff almost happens in the middle of the book. And then it's a miracle, one night of good sex fixes a previously failed relationship. The end. Fought my way through this only because Mockingbird and The Man Who Fell To Earth were both outstanding. Read those. If you hunt down a copy of this book and read it, remember I tried to warn you.
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