Bodyguard by William C. Dietz
ISBN: 0759288224
ISBN13: 978-0759288225
Author: William C. Dietz
Book title: Bodyguard
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Pages: 228 pages
Publisher: (September 4, 2008)
Language: English
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Category: Science Fiction

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Max Maxon is an ex-marine who makes his living with a gun. Sasha Casad is a rich teenager trying to catch the next spaceship home. Max's job is to get her there alive. Somebody's trying to stop them-somebody with plenty of money and firepower. That doesn't bother Max. A contract is a contract. Against all odds, he's going to fulfill this one. and then he's going to make somebody pay.

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An action/adventure novel set in a bleak future for humanity. There is very little hope for ordinary people and virtually no jobs as androids do most of the work that people used to do. Powerful corporations have a few, privileged, lifetime employees. Everyone else fights for enough piece work to live. Or turn to crime, to security/military work or to horrible conditions off planet. Even in these dangerous, short life expectancy jobs, the competition is fierce. Into this almost no-hope future, Mr. Dietz places his protagonist, Max. A man with a talent for violence who works as a shooter, provider of security and bodyguard when he can get work. In addition to the appalling state of society, Max is burdened with a sub-normal IQ, apparently caused by a head injury in combat as a corporate marine officer. Max is not completely sure as he has no memory of events before he awoke in hospital with a large metal plate replacing part of his skull. Unexpectedly, Max is offered a high pay contract to guard a girl and escort her home. As he often laments in his account of events, he isn't smart enough to be suspicious. I will avoid spoilers and just say that he should have been very suspicious. Even though he postulates a bleak future, Mr. Dietz is, as usual, an entertaining and interesting story teller.
An experienced reader cannot avoid seeing the work of someone that did or operationally knows what they write about and the good author imagining an unlived life experience.

I've enjoyed Dietz for a couple years and reached back into this 1994 story. It has the mega story markings of `early Dietz-world' and presents an alternative brain box biased technology stranded for lack of FTL tech in the system of Sol.

As novel theory goes, this early Dietz is yeoman work. Dietz was trained or edited well. There's no amateur author errors to be easily seen in Bodyguard. This earlier Dietz might be a better technical work then his later efforts and not to diminish his later work.

From Marine, to work to writer with a first mid-career book for most folks followed by the soiree to full time writer without limits is impressive.

A quick read, Bodyguard is an action packed, twisty-turny sci-fi tale that falls well within my 5-star criteria.
copyrighted in 1994 this is a classic piece of sci fi. While many new books (in general, not his) have all the bells and whistles, this is true science fiction. I truly enjoyed the setting and the development of the leading role in this book. This needs to be on your must read list! .
Great story of soldier who is damage and trying to survive by taking what jobs he can get. This job is going take him places he does not remember but he has something to say when he gets there.
William C. Deitz is a master of blending military sci-fi with large dollops of humanity. He creates characters that are alien in intriguing ways and yet human enough to identify and sympathize with. "Bodyguard" is one of my favorites of his, and demands a re-read every few years. The story has parallels with modern concerns about ethics, the environment, and what man is capable of versus what man should rightly do, and the pace is perfectly balanced to keep you turning the pages.

Great characters, a compelling story, and questions to ponder. All in all a great read.
Mr. Dietz always writes, creates great characters in his stories. I track his books down to read. He is on my favorites list. Bodyguard is a good reason why.
Just when I thought I had the next step figured out, the author would prove me wrong again. I also appreciated the author's technical expertise that seemed to flow without being forced.
As always Dietz delivers a ripping good yarn withe traditional twists and turns where the good guys eventually win out - at a price. But you have to love the brain damaged hero who is doing his best to protect his teenage charge as they flee across the stars. This is a should read if you are a science fiction action thriller fan.
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