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The Legacy: An Elder's Vision for Our Sustainable Future by David Suzuki,Margaret Atwood
ISBN: 1553658280
ISBN13: 978-1553658283
Author: David Suzuki,Margaret Atwood
Book title: The Legacy: An Elder's Vision for Our Sustainable Future
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Pages: 128 pages
Publisher: Greystone Books; Reprint edition (August 23, 2011)
Language: English
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Category: Nature & Ecology

In this expanded version of an inspiring speech delivered in December 2009, David Suzuki reflects on how we got where we are today and presents his vision for a better future. In his living memory, Suzuki has witnessed cataclysmic changes in society and our relationship with the planet: the doubling of the world’s population, our increased ecological footprint, and massive technological growth. Today we are in a state of crisis, and we must join together to respond to that crisis. If we do so, Suzuki envisions a future in which we understand that we are the Earth and live accordingly. All it takes is imagination and a determination to live within our, and the planet's, means. This book is the culmination of David Suzuki’s amazing life and all of his knowledge, experience, and passion — it is his legacy.

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Little Devil
About 500 years ago in England, the Elizabethan era was very organically pure; instead of being inundated with chemicals, household refuse was simply dumped into the street.

Garbage was duly disposed of by wandering pigs, dogs, chickens, rats, mice, insects and other vermin; what they didn't scavenge was washed into the nearest river or lake. Native Americans dumped their waste at the edge of the community into huge middens that are beloved by anthropologists. The result was pure natural ecology in action, plus plagues, illness and a perpetual stink.

It took time and a lot of persuasion to build sewers to flush garbage into the nearest water. only in the last 100 years have various effective methods to treat sewage waste been developed. Fortunately, few today advocate ending government regulation of sewage disposal and leaving it to free market forces and nature.

Yet, as Suzuki eloquently illustrates in his 91-page "farewell" essay, the modern world still has an Elizabethan ethic in terms of dumping pollutants into the atmosphere and oceans. Unfortunately, carbon dioxide, methane and other interesting chemical and combustion byproducts are usually invisible; the oceans are vast, and it's taken most of a century for vast floating scums of debris to create dead zones.

There is an even greater difference; dumping sewage into the street only caused local plagues. Dumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere creates global problems. We are now clever enough to impact the entire planet with our garbage; the result, if modern dumping of waste is not ended, will be global in scope.

Suzuki has a clever way to illustrate the global reach of our lives. He cites the inert gas argon, about 1 percent of the atmosphere. Every breath we take contains 30,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms of argon; exhale, and within a year the argon from a single breath will be spread across the planet. Then, every breath anyone takes will contain an average of 15 atoms of argon that we exhaled a year earlier. Likewise, some argon atoms were once in the breath of Joan of Arc, and Jesus. In other words, we are truly part of the world and everyone in it.

It illustrates the nature of modern pollution. Suzuki is optimistic we will find a way to end it, and restore the world nature gave us.
Scientist David Suzuki's "The Legacy" shares wisdom from a scientist author that gives readers hope for a bright future. Suzuki puts the ecologic crisis we face in perspective, looking back over 70 years of our shared history. He offers a new plan for living in harmony with the environment in this treasure of a book. Highly recommended reading!
Well worth the read. It is a lecture series he gave and is so comprehensive, and intelligent. I would have loved to have been there to hear it in person. David Suzuki is one of my heroes, so I might be biased, but he is an excellent teacher.
This is a must read. It plainly and clearly makes the case -- using solid scientific evidence and the weight of the scientific community as to why one MUST act on global warming today instead of pretending/wishing that the issue didn't exist.
An excellent book speaking to our current planetary situation. Insightful.
A definite read from one of the elders
A wonderful tour de force in the tradition of the "Last Lecture" wherein scholars sum up their achievements. Perhaps a little over-priced given its brevity, but in my view well worth every penny.

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