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Ultimate Elektra Volume 1: Devil's Due TPB by Mike Carey,Salvador Larroca
ISBN: 0785115048
ISBN13: 978-0785115045
Author: Mike Carey,Salvador Larroca
Book title: Ultimate Elektra Volume 1: Devil's Due TPB
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Pages: 120 pages
Publisher: Marvel Comics (January 19, 2005)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1884 kb
Size ePub version: 1595 kb
Size fb2 version: 1973 kb
Category: Literature & Fiction

Matt Murdock - desperate to see Elektra Natchios again - makes an attempt to contact this mysterious young woman, putting himself squarely in the crosshairs of the biggest crime boss in New York City! Award-winning writer Mike Carey and original Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra artist Salvador Larroca team up for the blockbuster follow-up to the smash-first series!

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lucky kitten
I've been a fan of the Marvel Universe for a long time, but had never really gotten into the characters of Daredevil and Elektra. I was aware of them, but had only seen them in guest appearances on other comics. Perhaps that skewed my enjoyment a little.

The artwork is very good, and the writing is tight and well-done. The characters all feel realistic and genuine. So why the 3-star rating?

Something just feels slightly boring about this book. Again, it could just be my lack of enthusiasm towards the titular characters, but I think the pacing is a little slow at points. The action picks up tremendously with the introductions of Bullseye and the Kingpin though.

Overall, I recommend giving it a read, but it's not a must-have.
I loved this book. Every frame of every page was enthralling. The core of this book is the philosophical difference between Elektra and Matt. The payoff at the end is well earned.
Very Old Chap
Save your money folks.....this was weak movie hype book...I can see why they are not making any more
3.5 stars.

Solidly entertaining. This builds off of the Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra (2003) story by Greg Rucka. Mike Carey wrote this tale, but artist Salvador Larroca reprises his role here so that the entire Ultimate Daredevil/Elektra run are visually consistent.

This story is better than the first - it has less holes. Matt Murdock makes his appearances, but as in the previous book, Elektra is the star here. Matt seems to be pretty much fully formed (and a doppelganger for the 616 version), while college-aged Elektra is quite different from the older version we know. That makes more sense.

As in the previous volume, while the plot needs a little work, the dialogue is good. A fun, entertaining story that is a good introduction to the Elektra character.
Wild Python
This is Elektra and Daredevil in their early years and before they get the costumes as the latter is in law school and the former still has her family around her. Elektra always made references to what happened to her father but this is the first time I saw it depicted. A well known villain makes an appearance about midway through the story. As usual the relationship between Elektra and Daredevil is dysfunctional and unusually violent. I've always taken Elektra to be hotheaded, myopic and insensitive and this comic truly proves it. The very ending and Daredevil/Murdoch's parting words just reinforced everything and made me chuckle.

Ultimate Elektra Volume 1: Devil's Due TPB collects the five issue miniseries and serves as a sequel to Rucka's Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra Volume 1 TPB This is essentially volume two. Ultimate Elektra is written by Mike Carey with Salvador Larroca on art. This time Larroca colorist is the Liquid! studio, which makes his pencils look magnificent. Once again though, Matt never dons the Daredevil costume even as he's pictured wearing it on the covers. Elektra does start wearing her red costume in the fourth issue.
Ultimate Elektra mainly revolves around Elektra attempting to clear her father's name of a crime he didn't commit. Bullseye makes his Ultimate debut, and seems to be the same as his 616 (Mainstream Marvel) counterpart. The Kingpin plays a more prominent role as the main antagonist and Matt is featured more heavily than he was in Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra. Carey's pacing is perfect and his dialogue is excellent. Larroca's art is absolutely wonderful. It's five issues of eye candy. He pencils some dynamic action scenes and manages to convey a lot of emotion in body language.
Carey's story picks up where Rucka's Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra miniseries left off. Matt and Elektra are in their Freshman year of college. Elektra's mobster cousins offer to help her father get his business back up and running. He agrees and they rebuild it. Two months later Elektra's father has been arrested for tax evasion, fraud, and conspiracy to commit murder. Facing a lifetime sentence, Elektra takes it upon herself to free her father, no matter what the cost. She runs across Bullseye and faces the Kingpin. All the while Matt worries that he won't be able to pull her from the dark path she's going down.
This formula has been used in comics countless times, but Carey manages to make it interesting. I sympathized with Elektra's plight, and found myself wondering how far I'd go to protect my family. Carey's manages to make all his characters have a human side, even though they're supervillains and superheroes. There is a perfect mix of action, dialogue, and reflective moments. At some points Carey just lets Larroca's artwork do the talking. This works out perfectly, as Larroca's artwork is excellent.
Overall this trade is worth checking into, whether your a Daredevil/Elektra fan or not. I give this one a 3.5/5.
With Marvel's Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra mini-series scribe Greg Rucka signed exclusively to DC, Mike Carey (Vertigo's Hellblazer and Lucifer) was enlisted to script this mini, focusing more on Elektra this time around. I expected Mike Carey to do this Ultimized version of DD & Elektra more justice, but like Rucka's mini, this pales in comparison to Frank Miller's classic tales. It starts off with would be assassin and revenge driven Elektra Natchios attempting to infiltrate a criminal empire which, in turn, is operated by Wilson Fisk. Young Matt Murdock, attempts to persuade his lost love from making one mistake too many, which culminates in an encounter with a balded man with a tattoo of a bullseye on his forehead, and who can make anything in his hands a weapon. The story goes nowhere, and if you think this will lead up to a final confrontation between Elektra and Bullseye, you're dead wrong. Maybe this is good or bad, who knows, but what is known, is that Carey most likely wasn't given any creative freedom to give the story some spark. X-Men artist Salvador Larroca's (who also did the art for Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra) gorgeous pencils save Ultimate Elektra from being a complete dud however, so in the end this is worth a look. All in all, if you didn't like Ultimate DD & Elektra, chances are you won't like this either.
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