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Karen's Birthday (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, 7) by Ann M. Martin
ISBN: 0590426710
ISBN13: 978-0590426718
Author: Ann M. Martin
Book title: Karen's Birthday (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, 7)
Other Formats: mobi lit azw lrf
Pages: 102 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks; First Edition edition (June 1990)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1648 kb
Size ePub version: 1137 kb
Size fb2 version: 1327 kb

It's Karen's birthday! She can't wait for all those presents. Karen is even having two parties--one at Daddy's house and one at Mommy's. But what Karen really wants for her birthday is one party, with her whole family together.

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Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved reading these books. I’d read these books to my future children.
This was an amazing book I love it so much. It is really funny and it has a good moral.
I was 8 when I bought this book, and I myself had a fascination with birthday parties and presents, so I was surprised when most of the first half of the book was about her families and how she was trying to get them together. I found it unrealistic how they all took karen so seriously when she sent out the invitations to her big party where she wanted her 2 families to get together. They should have been more understanding of how she felt about her mom and dad, she's just a little kid, not a rebellious teenager! But anyways, her birthday celebrations were nice and I enjoyed reading that part the most. She ended up having a party at her mother's house, a party at her father's house and a little party in school. The descriptions of how her birthday went made me wish I was there too. So buy this book, but don't expected all of it to be birthday related!
One of the things that makes this whole series so special is the fact that Ann M. Martin charged in head-first to battle the topic of split families. I did not come from one, but loved this series anyway. My daughter, however, does have the split-family 'problem', and now that she's older, she has thoughts and feelings that she (obviously) didn't have as a baby. Remembering this series, I bought one to give it a try, and she is in love with it, seemingly more than I was. I think these books are a comfort to her, giving validation to her own feelings on the subject. While reading, she'll interject with an excited "Hey, me too!" I recommend this for any child, but especially children living 'two' lives.
I enjoyed reading about the birthday parties when I got this and would countdown the days to my next birthday planning what to wear, what I want and so forth. My folks always threw me huge parties for my birthday and I would get a new dress especially for the party and have different themes and all each year and presents and lootbags and the games were so exciting, but after reading this it became even more exciting and I'm sure a lot of people will love that aspect of the book though I'm not so sure about the issues she was having with her family split and dealing with it at such a young age.
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