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Flying? No Fear! by Adrian Akers - Douglas
ISBN: 1840242450
ISBN13: 978-1840242454
Author: Adrian Akers - Douglas
Book title: Flying? No Fear!
Other Formats: lit mobi doc mbr
Pages: 128 pages
Publisher: Summerdale; 3Rev Ed edition (2002)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1978 kb
Size ePub version: 1232 kb
Size fb2 version: 1643 kb
Category: Reference


Books reviews
Very helpful book to read...very humorous also...who isn't afraid of flying with all the crazy stuff that has happened in the past...you will not be dissapointed with this book...
This book have very good information about the airplanes and about a flight. But sadly I'm now more scared! This book get into so many details that i just feel overwhelmed. The author talks about the sounds, turbulence, bombs, terrorism and everything in between. Probably for some this is good information and calm them, but for me is just too much information and it is terrible to know all the things that could go wrong (even when they are extremely rare) . This book put things into my mind that I didn't even think about until know. If to much information calm you down probably this book is for you, if you just want something that tell's you "Don't worry, everything is going to be fine" then this is not the book.
I have flown on 3 previous occasions, 6 times in all. The last time I was more nervous than ever, no logical reason for this, fear has no logic. Each flight was uneventful and safe but I am still terrified, so I decided to buy this book.
The author, a highly qualified pilot, explained everything that had concerned me about flying, the noises of the engines, the constant ding-dongs of the cabin, the reason why the plane takes off in the first place! Absolutely every fear I had is explained in this book! including absurd thoughts that go through your head!
You realise that the pilot doesn't just turn up and "turn the key of the aircraft" but that there are extensive checks and extensive preparation that goes on before you even leave home for the airport.
I am going on holiday in June 2002 and I am actually looking forward to the flight now, something I couldn't have dreamed of before I read this book. I urge anybody that is scared of flying to buy this book, because I felt it was worth every penny!
If you are a first time flyer and are nervous I also recomend this book, it explains an awful lot, answers questions, and is also very funny!
This book is written by a pilot as well as a medical doctor which means you get both technical explanations on how a plane works as well as advice on herbal remedies (Bach remedies for example) and on nutrition. It is interesting and does help, however does not go into the real causes for fear which usually have their roots in energetic imbalances. For this I recommend the wellness program for airline passengers shown in the handy booklet "Wellness above the Clouds".
Wellness above the Clouds
I bought a signed copy of this book in 1998, from Captain Akers-Douglas, who provided a very relaxed and comfortable Eurocypria flight from Paphos to Birmingham. The book is informative without being too technical. An excellent book, with good cartoon type pictures. It helped me to understand what really goes on before and during a flight. Captain Akers-Douglas is very entertaining both in print and personally, I would recommend this book to anyone who views flying as an insurmountable obstacle.
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