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Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
ISBN: 078388334X
ISBN13: 978-0783883342
Author: Jon Krakauer
Book title: Into the Wild
Other Formats: mbr rtf lrf lrf
Pages: 315 pages
Publisher: G K Hall & Co (December 1, 1997)
Language: English
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Category: United States

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The story of Chris McCandless, a young man who embarked on a solo journey into the wilds of Alaska and whose body was discovered four months later, explores the allure of the wilderness

Books reviews
This book gave a great insight of the path Chris McCandless's troubled life took.
I watched the movie "Into The Wild" a few years back and have always been curious and saddened to think about Chris's journey. This book seemed to clear the story a bit. Sometimes I had a lump in my throat thinking that this is not a "character" in a made up story but a real life that seemed to yearn for a peace that only existed in his heart. Jon Krakauer does a great job of giving us a key hole view of "Alex's" life. The good times even when he had nothing. I personally feel like unfortunately Chris was a troubled individual weather it was mental imbalance or emotional disconnect and after this book I feel so sad for his torment. The movie left me disliking his parents, but this book turned that emotion completely around. And I loved the Epilogue. Thank you Jon Krakauer for that. If the movie intrigued you most definitely read the book.
Normally, I like to stick to straight up fiction genres, and I always had this idea that nonfiction also meant non-interesting. However, Jon Krakauer's compelling novel "Into the Wild" quickly reversed that misconception. This is one of the easiest stories, in any genre that I've read, to get involved in, and I never once found myself bored with the book.

"Into the Wild" is the story of Christopher McCandless and his unique journey into the depths of the Alaskan wilderness. Krakauer makes you really empathize with the troubled young protagonist, and does an excellent job balancing the narrative with his own personal anecdotes. It is abundantly clear that the author is well-versed in both the story and the whole hiking/outdoors culture, and his knowledge helps add to the book. The writing is very direct, but still managed to capture my emotions and keep me engrossed in the story. The story itself would be incredible without all these other elements, but I really felt like Krakauer's talents elevated the book from just an interesting account to a fantastic piece of literature.

Even though the book was suggested to me because of my love of hiking, I found that the human element of "Into the Wild" was what kept me reading and enjoying it. Overall, you'd be hard pressed to find a better piece of nonfiction out there.

Highly recommended
Much better than the film of the same title.

Whether you think the subject of this novel died due to his own stupidity and hubris or of a simple mistake while he was making a noble, philosophical pilgrimage, this book is gripping and fascinating.
I watched the movie, "Into The Wild" and it really moved me and made me want to buy the book. It is very readable and non judgmental. The book really captures the essence of Chris McCandless and his need to live a very unconventional lifestyle. Mr. Krakauer did an amazing amount of research for this book. I enjoyed Chapter 14 of this book in which Jon Krakauer describes his climb of the Devil's Thumb when he was 23 years old and how it nearly ended in disaster. Mr. Krakauer was able to feel empathy for Chris McCandless because of his own adventurous youth. Chapters 8 and 9 tell of Gene Rosellini, John Waterman, Carl McCunn, and Everett Ruess, other unconventional people who also perished in the wilderness in a quest for adventure. The essence of the book is that most of us do dumb or dangerous things in our youth, but we survive and grow older. Chris McCandless, Everett Ruess and the others never got that second chance. I saw a short video on youtube in which a man obtained the jacket that Chris McCandless had when he died and this man found Chris's drivers license, social security card, and about $300 in cash in a secret compartment of the garment. Proof that Chris had no thought of suicide when he embarked on his Alaskan adventure. He fully intended to come back from the wilderness. "Into the Wild" is a a short but very poignant book.
I had seen this movie and it made me very interested in the story of this young man. This book was a great insight into others paths that took them away from their lives and into the wild also. Although the book centers around this man, there are a lot of references to others who took a similar path. This was a nice to read but I really wanted to know more about this certain man. If you are looking for a book about him and others, you will love this book. If you are looking for an extension of the movie like I was, you will be disappointed.
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