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Moon Oregon Camping: The Complete Guide to Tent and RV Camping (Moon Outdoors) by Tom Stienstra
ISBN: 1566916046
ISBN13: 978-1566916042
Author: Tom Stienstra
Book title: Moon Oregon Camping: The Complete Guide to Tent and RV Camping (Moon Outdoors)
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Pages: 512 pages
Publisher: Moon Travel; 2nd edition (March 14, 2006)
Language: English
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Size ePub version: 1378 kb
Size fb2 version: 1869 kb
Category: United States

If you are looking for the perfect place to camp in Oregon, your trip starts with Moon Oregon Camping. It's the ideal resource for finding campsites—from secluded alpine hike-in spots to convenient roadside stopovers—throughout the entire state. Join two-time National Outdoor Writer of the Year Tom Stienstra as he brings you: descriptions of camping options, ranging from state park campgrounds to RV parks; complete contact information and summaries of each campground's scenic features, facilities, and nearby recreation opportunities; expert tips on gear, safety, and first aid, weather, low-impact camping, and camping with kids; easy-to-use regional maps, driving directions to each campground, and details on fees, reservation services, and helpful websites.

Books reviews
I purchased this because I thought Tom Stienstra's campground rating for California was very reliable. When we wanted to extend our trip to Oregon, I saw Foghorn stopped publishing paper version. I ordered this one because it was newer then the Foghorn and the same author. The contents seemed to be thinner than I expected, although I enjoyed the first section showing author's character more. I would try his recipe of making own beef jerkey. After I examined this book, I ended up ordering used Foghorn version and waiting for its delivery.
I bought this book two years ago for the trip of a lifetime. We moved to Oregon, put all our possessions in a storage unit, packed up our camper van, and drove down to the OR/CA border and started what was to be two month stay camping and hiking along the Oregon coast. We were there from January 2nd - mid-March. Many campgrounds were closed this time of year and this book was the key to us planning around that as it listed open dates. OR campgrounds on the coast are some of the most well equipped on the west coast and are typically very fair priced as well. The hiking was incredible, but keep in mind that the coastal forests and dunes are very confusing and one can get turned around easily.Always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to be back. Trustworthy friends and family are good for this, but if you get out as much as I do you may feel like you are a burden to them. Thats why I started homesafeoutdoors.com, a company that can keep track of thousands of itineraries and return times simultaneously. If you don't make it back by your return time, we call your emergency contacts and initiate a search and rescue operation. Have fun foraging everyone!
This is a great reference book for camping. My husband and I used it for our extended camping trip last summer. The reason I only gave it 4 stars was that I wish the book consistantly informed the reader about how "close to civilization"(?) the camp grounds were and how busy. One campground literally shared the parking lot with a busy Visitors Center but the description in the book seemed to indicate that it was secluded. So it was often hit or miss for us, with us going to several campgrounds each leg until we found one that was secluded and quiet like we like. Some of the description did address this issue and none of the description were inaccurate literally, but this information was missing.

But that being said, with all our notes in the margins, a return trip will be much aided by this book.
I will keep this in our trailer as we love to camp in our own back door, so to speak, the beautiful state of OREGON
We used the book on our summer trip. The book was used everyday. We didn't book reservations. I like to just see where the day leads us and the book was perfect for that kind of travel.
I have several of the MOON series camping books. They are a "must have" if you are going camping. I enjoy Tom's writing style and his ALMOST complete information on the sites. The only way he can significantly improve these books is to add GPS location information for each site. Most of us have GPS units and want to use them. I have an RV trailer and I hate it when I drive past the road to the campground at night or in the fog!!! The GPS also gives me a distance between where I am now and the next campsite location so I can plan my time of arrival. Location of trailheads or fishing spots and other scenic locations would be helpful.
I had been to several bookshops and done plenty of internet researching before deciding on this book to help me decide where to camp in Oregon but it has been everything I wanted in a camping guide.
Really liking all the ideas. Lots of sites we are discovering.
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